What we do

We have a wide range of materials to help you practise and improve your spoken English.  From courses, groups and one-to-one sessions, to audio books, podcasts and pronunciation guides, we’re here to help.  Whatever your level, you’ll find something here that’s right for you.  You CAN become a confident and fluent English speaker!  Click the links on this page for full details.

career development

It’s a simple fact: English opens the door to a world of opportunities.  Professionals with a good command of English have higher incomes than those who do not.  We have a range of specialist courses designed to give you the advantage in a highly competitive world.

audio books

A collection of classic English literature.  Listen to some of the greatest novels ever written.  Each book is complete and unabridged.  Choose to listen at a speed that suits you.  A written transcript of every book is available, together with learning notes and explanations.

word on the street

Spoken English reflects the creativity, curiosity, imagination and spirit of its speakers.  It has its own rules.  Our audio material introduces you to the ways in which native speakers talk in real life.  We give you the opportunity to become confident and familiar with contemporary spoken English.