Kimberley Jenkinson has been a business skills tutor and assessor for over twenty years.  During that time she has worked with several of the world’s most prestigious and best-known organisations, including British Airways, Sky, and the Royal Air Force.

Kimberley is highly experienced in both classroom and workplace delivery of business skills training.  She is a talented communicator, and places great emphasis on face-to-face training.

In particular, Kimberley specialises in customer service training.  World class organisations understand that excellence in responding to customers produces a significant competitive advantage.  Kimberley has the experience to deliver the training necessary to put customer service on a level fir for the 21st century.

A native English speaker, she has travelled extensively, and in addition to the UK has lived in Hong Kong and Singapore.  This experience has given her a clear appreciation of the requirements of English language learners.

Paul Jenkinson joined the BBC World Service after graduating in 1988.  As a leading news and current affairs Presenter, he became one of the BBC’s best-known English voices around the world.

In addition to his work on air, Paul was responsible for training BBC Presenters and Producers.  He designed courses that enabled people from across the world to use BBC English with ease and confidence.

Paul has adapted the skills developed during his broadcasting career to apply them to the needs of individuals and businesses in many other professions.  In a world that increasingly uses English as its universal language, he believes that tuition and practise that are clear, relevant, and up-to-date are more essential than ever before.

Paul grew up, lived and worked in London, and it’s the city he calls home.  A native English speaker and fully qualified Cambridge tutor, his aim is to make high quality spoken English available to everyone.